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With your new Brother P-touch label maker, you can create a

wide variety of custom, self-adhesive labels. This label maker

uses Brother "TZe" tapes from 3.5 mm to 12 mm widths. "TZe"

tape cassettes are available in many colors and sizes. Visit for a complete list of tapes compatible with

your machine.

Read this manual carefully before starting and keep the manual

in a handy place for future reference.

Printed in China




Power Supply and Tape Cassette


Print head



Tape cutter


Open the cassette cover by pressing the

above indicated area at the top end of the


If a tape cassette is already installed, remove it by

pulling it straight up. Also, if batteries are already

installed, remove them.

• Make sure that the power is turned off when

replacing batteries or tape cassettes.

Safety Precautions

Indicates a potentially hazardous


situation which, if not avoided,

could result in death or serious


Follow these guidelines to avoid the risk of fire, burns, injury, electric

shocks, rupture, overheating, abnormal odours or smoke.

• Always use the specified voltage and the suggested AC adapter (AD-24ES) for the

P-touch labeler to prevent any damage or failure.

• Do not touch the P-touch labeler during a lightning storm.

• Do not use the P-touch labeler/AC adapter in places of high humidity such as


• Do not overload the power cord.

• Do not place heavy objects on, or damage the power cord or plug. Do not forcibly

bend or pull the power cord. Always hold the AC adapter when disconnecting from

the power outlet.

• Make sure that the plug is fully inserted to the power outlet. Do not use an outlet that

is loose.

• Do not allow the P-touch labeler/AC adapter/power plug/batteries to get wet, for

example, by handling them with wet hands or spilling beverages on to them.

• Since loss of eyesight may result when leaked fluid from batteries gets into your eyes,

immediately rinse your eyes with a large amount of clean water, and then seek

medical attention.

• Do not disassemble or modify the P-touch labeler/AC adapter/batteries.

• Do not allow a metal object to contact both the plus and minus ends of a battery.

• Do not use sharp objects, such as tweezers or a metallic pen, to change the batteries.

• Do not throw the batteries into fire or expose to heat.

• Disconnect the AC adapter and remove batteries immediately and stop using the

P-touch labeler if you notice abnormal odor, heat, discoloration, deformation or

anything unusual while using or storing it.

• Do not use a damaged or leaking battery as the fluid may get on your hands.

• Do not use a deformed or leaking battery or one whose label is damaged. There is a

possibility of generating heat.


Insert six new AAA alkaline batteries

(LR03) or fully charged Ni-MH batteries

(HR03), making sure that their poles

point in the correct directions.

Users of alkaline batteries:

Always replace all six batteries at the

same time with brand new ones.

Users of Ni-MH batteries:

Always replace all six batteries at the

same time with fully charged ones.

Indicates a potentially hazardous


situation which, if not avoided, may

result in minor or moderate injuries.

Follow these guidelines to avoid personal injury, liquid leakage,

burns or heat.

• When the P-touch labeler is not being used, store it out of the reach of children. In

addition, do not allow children to put the P-touch labeler parts or labels in their

mouths. If any object has been swallowed, seek medical attention.

• Do not touch metal parts around the print head immediately after printing.

• Do not touch the cutter blade.

• If leaked fluid from batteries gets on your skin or clothes, immediately rinse them with

clean water.

• Remove the batteries and disconnect the AC adapter if you do not intend to use the

P-touch labeler.

• Do not use a battery other than that specified. Do not use combinations of old and

new batteries or combinations of different types, different charging levels, different

manufacturers or different models. Do not insert a battery with its plus and minus

ends reversed.

• Do not drop or hit the P-touch labeler/AC adapter.

• Do not press on the LCD display.

• Do not put your finger inside the P-touch labeler when you close the cassette cover.

• Before using Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, carefully read the instructions for the

batteries and battery charger, and be sure to use them correctly.

• When using Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, charge the batteries with a specialized

battery charger before using the batteries.

General Precautions

• Depending on the location, material, and environmental conditions, the label may

unpeel or become irremovable, the color of the label may change or be transferred

to other objects. Before applying the label, check the environmental conditions and

the material.

• Do not use the P-touch labeler in any way or for any purpose not described in this

guide. Doing so may result in accidents or damage the P-touch labeler.

• Use only Brother TZe tapes with the P-touch labeler. Do not use tapes that do not

have the


• Only use a soft, dry cloth to clean the labeler; never use alcohol or other organic


• Use a soft, lint free cloth to clean the print head. Never touch the print head directly

with your hands.




End of tape




Tape guide

exit slot

Insert a tape cassette, making sure that

it snaps into place.

• Make sure that the end of the tape feeds under

the tape guides.

• Use only Brother TZe tapes with this machine.

• Do not put any foreign objects into the tape exit slot, AC adapter connector, battery

compartment, etc.

• Do not place the P-touch labeler/batteries/AC adapter in direct sunlight or rain, near

heaters or other hot appliances, in any location exposed to extremely high or low

temperatures (e.g., on the dashboard or in the back of your car) or high humidity, or

in dusty locations.

• Do not apply excessive pressure to the cutter lever.

• Do not try to print if the cassette is empty; it will damage the print head.

• Do not pull the tape while printing or feeding; it will damage the tape and the P-touch


• Any data stored in memory will be lost due to failure, repair of the P-touch labeler, or

if the battery expires.

• The P-touch labeler is not equipped with a charging feature for rechargeable


• The printed text may differ from the text that appears in the LCD.

• The length of the printed label may differ from the displayed label length.

• A protective clear plastic sticker it placed over the display during manufacturing and

shipping. This sticker should be removed prior to use.

• When power is disconnected for more than three minutes, all text, format settings and

any text files stored in the memory will be cleared.


AC adapter jack

Securely close the cassette cover, making

sure that it snaps into place.


When using optional AC adapter (AD-24ES)

Insert the plug on the adapter cord into


the AC adapter jack on the top end of the


Insert the plug into the nearest standard


electrical outlet.

For memory back up, we recommend

using AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) or Ni-

MH batteries (HR03) together when

using the AC adapter.



How to reset Brother PT D210? ›

All text, settings, and stored files are deleted.
  1. Turn off your label printer.
  2. Hold down Shift and the letter R key.
  3. While holding down the keys, press the Power key once to turn on your label printer.
  4. Release the keys.

How to reset Brother P-touch? ›

You can reset the internal memory of your P-touch when you want to clear all saved label files, or in the event the P-touch labeler is not operating correctly. Turn off the P-touch. While holding down the Shift and R keys, press the Power key to turn the P-touch back on. Release the Shift and R keys.

How do I keep my brother's P-touch from wasting tape? ›

1. When printing a single label
  1. Press the [Label] key ( / ) or the [Menu] key ( / ).
  2. Press the [Cursor] key ( / ) until [Margin] is displayed.
  3. Press the [OK] key ( ).
  4. Press the [Cursor] key ( / ) until [Narrow] is displayed.
  5. Press the [OK] key ( ).
Dec 23, 2019

How to change the font size on a Brother P-touch Label Maker D210? ›

Change the font size
  1. Press Font.
  2. Press ◄ or ► to display Size.
  3. Press OK.
  4. Press ◄ or ► to select the size you want: Large, Medium, or Small. The actual printed font size depends on the tape width, number of characters, and number of lines.
  5. Press OK.

What does Brother machine reset do? ›

Machine Reset resets the machine settings you changed such as Date and Time and Ring Delay. Network resets the internal print server back to its default factory settings such as the password and IP address. Address & Fax resets all stored phone numbers and fax settings.

Why is my Brother label maker P-touch not working? ›

Replace the batteries with six new AAA alkaline batteries (LR03) or fully charged Ni-MH batteries (HR03). The P-touch resets to the default setting when more than 3 minutes pass after the batteries are removed, or the P-touch is disconnected from the AC adapter without using batteries.

How do I clear the screen on the Brother P-touch? ›

To clear the display,
  1. By pressing the [Backspace] key, the letters will be deleted one by one.
  2. To delete all text and settings : Press the [Shift] key and the [Backspace] key, and press [ ] or [ ] to select [Txt&Format]. ...
  3. To delete text only : Press the [Shift] key and the [Backspace] key, and press [ ] or [
Sep 6, 2017

How to reset memory on Brother printer? ›

If you want to delete the data remaining in the machine memory, press the Go button for about 4 seconds until all the LEDs light up and then release it. Press the Go button again. The Ready and Error LEDs will flash as the job is being canceled. Reduce the complexity of your document or lower the print resolution.

Why do Brother label makers waste so much tape? ›

Due to the design and construction of the tape mechanism, it is essential to feed a certain amount of tape through the machine before printing the first label. However, you can minimize the amount of blank tape initially fed by choosing a different Tape Cutting Option from the list below.

How do I adjust margin on a Brother P-Touch? ›

You can reduce the margin by changing the setting to "Small". Right-click on the editing screen of P-touch Editor Lite, select [Margins], and then change the setting to "Small".

How do you not waste label tape? ›

The following methods are useful for reducing tape use:
  1. Minimizing the tape margin.(PT-1230PC / PT-2430PC / PT-P700 / PT-P750W)
  2. Using the "Print Option" to print multiple copies of the label. Setting the tape margin to "Cut Mark". ( PT-1230PC only) Setting the tape margin to "Auto Cut". (
Sep 28, 2017

How do I make my P-touch print bigger? ›

Please follow the steps below: While holding down the "Code" key, press the "Size (2)" key. Keep the "Code" key held and press the "Size (2)" key until the desired size setting is displayed. If you select "Auto", the P-touch machine will automatically select the largest possible size for the tape installed.

How do I print vertically on my Brother PT d210? ›

To print vertically,
  1. Press the [Font] key ( / ) and continue pressing the Cursor key ( / ) until [Style] is displayed.
  2. Press the [OK] key.
  3. Press the Cursor key until [Vertical] is displayed.
  4. Press the [OK] key to apply the setting.
  5. Type the text.
Nov 6, 2019

How do I reset my Brother embroidery machine? ›

Reset Your Brother Machine
  1. Press. [Settings]>[All Settings]>[Initial Setup]>[Reset]. ...
  2. Swipe up or down or press or. to display the type of reset functions, and then press the reset function you want to use. ...
  3. [Machine will reboot after resetting. Press [OK] for 2 seconds to confirm.] ...
  4. Press .
Sep 14, 2021

How do I reset my Brother typewriter? ›

1. Cycling the power by turning off the typewriter and then turning it back on will cause the machine to reset the carrier and the daisy wheel to the home position. 2. If information is stuck in the typewriters memory, the memory can be cleared by holding down the CODE key plus the SHIFT key and the WORD OUT key.

How do I manually reset my Brother printer toner? ›

Reset process
  1. Switch-off the printer.
  2. Open the front cover.
  3. Press and Hold the Go button until all the LEDs on the printer's control panel light-on.
  4. Release the Go button.
  5. Press Go twice.
  6. Press Go six times.
  7. Close the front cover and printer is ready for printing.

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