Is Kendall Toole Shane Gillis' Girlfriend? If Not, Then Who? (2024)

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Shane had once moved in with his girlfriend, but his relationship status today is still single.

By RahulPublished on: April 15, 2024 Updated on: July 3, 2024

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Shane Gillis, a name synonymous with bold comedy and incisive punchlines, is famously secretive about his personal life. However, recent developments in 2024, suggest that there might just be a new girlfriend in his life, sparking a flurry of excitement and speculation among fans and followers alike.

So who’s he in a relationship with today? Let’s find out and while we are at it, let’s get into his rumored past affairs as well.

The Buzz Surrounding Shane Gillis and Kendall Toole

Let’s discuss this right away.

So, on April 8th, 2024, a lot of people broke the news that there’s a slight chance that Shane and Kendall may be dating. At the time Kendall, a celebrated Peloton instructor and mental health activist, shared an affectionate and playful photograph on social media.

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The image featured her lying contentedly on the lap of a man whose face was strategically hidden, piquing the curiosity of her followers and the public alike.

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Her post was a soft launch of her new relationship, drawing overwhelming support and speculation from her community.

As fans dissected the photo for clues, several signs pointed towards Shane as the mystery man. Observers noted the style of clothing and a particular watch visible in the photo, which closely resembled those known to be worn by the comedian.

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The theory gained more credibility as details about the location and timing lined up. When Kendall Toole told on a February 29th TikTok video that she had a great weekend in the Big Apple, it coincidentally aligned with Shane’s appearance on SNL.

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Despite the speculative nature of these clues, the idea of Shane and Kendall as a couple had excited both of their fan bases.

Fans had warmly embraced the notion, even playfully warning the Instagram influencer to steer clear of joint home-building projects, referencing her break up with her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Nicholas, right after they finished building a cabin.

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But as it turns out, Shane is not Kendall’s bf after all. We can confirm this news after Kendall shared a video with her new beau which was definitely not Shane.

So as of 2024, if you are asking is Shane Gillis in a relationship, the answer is no. He is single as it comes.

In 2023, He Was Dating a Navy Seal’s Ex-Girlfriend

Despite Shane’s stealth mode, he hasn’t left his fans completely in the cold. He’s dropped a few breadcrumbs along the way that have only fueled more curiosity.

On a 2021 episode of the ‘Your Mom’s House’ podcast, he let slip that he’d been dating someone for about six months, a relationship that started through a modern-day love story via Instagram DMs.

“We met on Instagram,” he revealed, adding with a touch of humor, “She followed me, and then I was like, ‘Oh, a hot girl that likes me?'”

But sticking to his nature, he kept the juicy details, like his partner’s name, under wraps. In a 2022 interview with The New Yorker, Gillis casually mentioned her.

My girlfriend’s out of town for, like, a week, so the place is trashed

he confessed, implying that they share living quarters.

Fast forward to 2023 and their romance was still going strong. On the ‘What Does Your Crazy Look Like’ podcast, he revealed they’ve been together for two years and even shared that she’s from Iowa and not a fan of driving.

By the time he rolled out his Netflix special Beautiful Dogs in September 2023, it was clear they were serious—living together.

Yet, despite these reveals, the identity of Shane’s other half remained a mystery. And if rumors about him and Kendall are true, then he has most definitely called it quits with her.

From Shih Ryan to Claire to Pavlovich, His Rumored Exes

First, there’s Shih. Shane and Shih have been friends since they were 16, and while they share a long and close history, the relationship is strictly non-romantic. Despite the persistent rumors, neither of them stepped forward to confirm or deny the whispers.

Then there’s Claire, the mysterious lady who has been spotted with Shane on multiple occasions. The sightings have inevitably led to rumors of romance brewing between the two. However, in true Shane fashion, both he and Claire maintained a radio silence on the matter.

Up comes, Australian reality star Tara Pavlovich-Shepherdson, a name that occasionally surfaces in discussions about his potential love interests. Her connection to Shane, however, remains as speculative as the rest, with no solid evidence to back up the claims.

Despite these leads, the true nature of Shane’s romantic life remains as elusive as ever. The only time he ever came clean about his love life was when he talked about dating a Navy Seal’s former partner on the ‘Guys We F*cked’ podcast.

And on the discussion of potential lovers, let’s not forget the high-profile figure Demi-Leigh Tebow, former Miss Universe Africa.

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Is Kendall Toole Shane Gillis' Girlfriend? If Not, Then Who? (2024)
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