Life In Minnesota 20 Amazing Things To Do In Eden Prairie, Minnesota (2024)

The city of Eden Prairie is all about the great outdoors and has 2,250 acres of parks and 170 miles of multi-use trails. In addition to countless outdoor activities, what else is there to do in Eden Prairie? Let’s dive into the most amazing things to do in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and find out.

Located just 12 miles to the southwest of Minneapolis’ downtown, Eden Prairie is a fairly large city in its own right. As the 12th largest city in Minnesota, Eden Prairie is the 7th largest suburb in the state.

Eden Prairie is known for its gorgeous conservation areas, regional and municipal parks, recreational facilities, and trails around Staring Lake and Purgatory Lake. The city is also home to the Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail.

Grab your keys and let’s discover the numerous things to do in Eden Praire.

1. Tactical Urban Combat

First on our list of amazing things to do in Eden Prairie is Tactical Urban Combat. For a unique and athletic activity for groups and families, head over to Tactical Urban Combat for loads of fun and adventure. At Tactical Urban Combat, you can compete in the largest indoor nerf arena in the area.

Join an open play session or book an entire hour for a private birthday party for kids or schedule your team at work for an hour of exciting play. The arena is full of urban obstacles like barrels, buildings, pallets, tires, and crates.

2. Veterans Memorial

Located in Purgatory Creek Park, the Eden Prairie Veterans Memorial honors those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The Honor Wall pays tribute to Eden Prairie residents who have died while serving in the U.S. Military.

The Veterans Memorial was designed by a veteran and world-class sculptor named Neil Brodin, who designed the World Peace and Combat Rescue bronze features at the memorial.

3. Eden Prairie Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center

When you need to get some zen going, head over to the Eden Prairie Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center. The center is the pioneering leader in integrative yoga in the Eden Prairie area. At the center, you can take classes in two yoga studios and find healing in eight healing rooms.

Therapies include Reiki, relaxation and therapeutic massage, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, infrared saunas, and more. The center is renowned for its specialty classes, events, and special workshops such as the full moon release ceremony.

4. Eden Prairie Center

Some of the area’s finest shopping can be found at Eden Prairie Center. The shopping center is a 1.3 million square foot mall that has more than 90 restaurants and shops. You can shop at family favorites such as Target and Kohls, or check out more exotic shopping venues.

There is a movie theater and IMAX theater on-site, so you can check out the latest films after a busy day of shopping. Inside the mall is a 1,700 square foot children’s play area so that you can let the kiddos release some energy.

5. Eden Prairie Parks and Trails

Eden Prairie is home to 200 miles of multi-use trails and over 1,000 acres of parkland that has been developed. In the city, you can enjoy 37 parks, seven historic sites, five special use facilities, and 15 conservation areas.

The city’s website has an interactive feature where you can find the best trails, parks, and amenities that are near you. On the site, you can also print park and trail maps, including nature trails and running routes.

6. Eden Prairie Community Band Concerts

Eden Prairie is home to its own community band with more than sixty talented musicians. Most of the musicians are from the local area and the group has been together since 1973. In addition to the renowned concert band, there is also a jazz band and several brass and woodwind ensembles.

The band’s purpose is to entertain the community and provide adult musicians with an outlet for musical growth and enjoyment. The band has seasonal concerts and regular concerts throughout the year.

7. Sledding Hill

Next, grab your winter gear for one of the most exhilarating things to do in Eden Prairie. Here you will find is a 700-foot sledding hill that is located on Staring Lake’s north side. The hill is opened and staffed during the winter months. Only plastic sleds are allowed, and no snowboards or skis are permitted. There is also a warming house on the premises.

The city also has a limited supply of snowshoes and free skates that are available for check out when the Staring Lake Park Building is open.

8. Eden Prairie Community Theater

For theatre lovers, there is no better place in Eden Prairie than at the community theatre that hosts the Eden Prairie Players. The theatre troupe is sponsored by the City of Eden Prairie’s Parks and Recreation Department and provides thought-provoking and entertaining theatre experiences for the area.

The theatre also provides a place for creative growth and opportunities for volunteers and artists. Be sure to check their schedule for current offerings.

9. Olympic Hills Golf Club

Golfers will enjoy the amazing greens at the Olympic Hills Golf Club, a private club that is dedicated to providing a warm and friendly atmosphere to members, guests, and families. The course is a 7,400 yards par 72 course and is widely considered to be one of Minnesota’s finest and most unique.

At the club, you can enjoy two chipping greens, a 1,500 square foot putting green, a full-length 350-yard driving range, and a fitness center that features training that is golf-specific.

Besides golfing, if you’re a member of the club, you can enjoy exceptional dining experiences and social activities.

10. Eden Prairie Skating Rinks

For winter ice skating, the city has nine outdoor ice rinks that are lit and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department. The ice rinks also have warming houses and you have to bring your own skates.

11. Eden Prairie Art Center

Art enthusiasts can enjoy all types of activities at the Eden Praire Art Center. The center was donated as the largest single donation ever received by the city. At the center, you can take part in exceptional programs that include painting and ceramics, glass fusing, drawing, and more.

During open studio time, students can work on various projects for a fee and use the center’s equipment, including the kiln. The Art Center is available for rent for birthday parties and other group events. The Art Center also has lots of different group outings for children who want to become more aware of art.

12. Eden Prairie Community Center

One of Eden Prairie’s best activity options is the Eden Prairie Community Center. At the center, you can work out in the fitness center, take fitness classes, soak in a giant hot tub, enjoy lap swimming, go figure skating, play pickleball and racquetball, and more.

The lap pool has two diving boards in two eight-lane pools. There is a zero-depth recreational pool, water slide, and climbing wall to make things extra exciting.

For fitness, you can use the fitness equipment or enroll in personal training programs. The ice arena houses three indoor regulation-sized ice sheets and hosts open skating, hockey, figure skating programs, developmental skating, and more.

13. Wings of the North Museum

There is a unique museum in Eden Prairie called Wings of the North. At Wings of the North, you can learn how space exploration and aviation have affected global and local society. At this museum, you can explore the colorful history of aviation and get a glimpse into the advanced vehicles you can expect in the future.

The museum sponsors yearly AirExpo flight demonstrations, along with symposiums, displays, school presentations, and a guest speaker series. You can also learn about an aircraft restoration program that strives to bring planes that are historically significant to flight.

14. Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area Overlook Trail

For hiking and sightseeing, there is no better spot in Eden Prairie to go than the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area Overlook Trail. The trail is a 2.2-mile loop that features gorgeous wildflowers which places it on our list of amazing things to do in Eden Prairie.

A natural spring is at the trailhead, and you can drink pure fresh spring water. When you’re hiking, you are able to ascend to 900 feet to witness stunning views of the Minnesota river valley.

15. The Gathering Bridge

The Gathering Bridge is a public art installation that is located in Purgatory Creek Park. The exhibit is a 45-foot-long structure that includes granite panels inside a circular center space. The sculpture was inspired by the Ten Lessons of Life by the late Jean Harris, a mayor of Eden Prairie.

The Gathering Bridge speaks to social and personal values that were important to Dr. Harris and blends both beauty and function to create unique meaning for anyone who encounters it.

16. Flying Dutchman Spirits

Adults can enjoy some of Minnesota’s finest internationally inspired craft spirits at Flying Dutchman Spirits, one of the most thirst-quenching things to do in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The founders traveled internationally for years and wanted to share with the area all of the unique tastes of spirits that they had experienced all over the world.

At the Flying Dutchman, you can experience one-of-a-kind craft spirits that reflect the founders’ reverence for the cultures, places, drinks, and food they discovered in their world travel. Every week, Flying Dutchman has a featured co*cktail.

You can do group tastings at the center, take tours of the distillery, and you can even enroll in an apprentice program to learn more about how to make your own craft spirits.

17. Bowlmor Lanes

At Bowlero’s Bowlmor Lanes in Eden Prairie, you can bowl to your heart’s content, book unique parties for families and groups, challenge classic pinball in the state-of-the-art arcade, play billiards, or go to battle with laser tag.

At Bowlmor Lanes, there is also a sports bar where you can watch your favorite games on flat-screen HD TV while sipping a glass of wine, craft beer, or signature co*cktail.

The bowling alley features some of the most stunning lanes in the area, and the decor includes black lights, a huge HD video wall, and soft lounge seats. This isn’t your old-school bowling alley. Bowlmor Lanes is an experience.

18. Natural Springs

There are two natural springs in Eden Prairie, the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area Spring and the Fredrick-Miller Spring. The city performs monthly coliform bacteria tests on both of these springs, so you can always know if the water is safe to drink.

19. Eden Prairie Archery Range

Practice your archery skills at one of the best things to do in Eden Prairie. Located in Staring Lake Park, the Eden Prairie Archery Range has 12 shooting stations. The targets are at distances of 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards. You can’t use crossbows, mechanical, or fixed-blade broadheads at the range.

20. Motorcycle Rentals and Tours

Do you dream of exploring an area on two wheels? If so, head over to Eagle Rider Rentals and Tours to rent a motorcycle. You can rent a bike to tour on your own for a self-guided tour or go on a guided tour.

From Eden Prairie, you can take tours such as the Route 66 Motorcycle Tour, the Great Lakes Motorcycle Tour, a Canadian Rockies tour, a Wild West tour, and even a coast-to-coast self-guided tour.

Final Thoughts: Fun Things To Do In Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Which Eden Prairie attraction or activity will you check out first? Whether you will be taking advantage of one of the parks and trails or seeking some indoor fun, there are plenty of fun things to do in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorites.

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Life In Minnesota 20 Amazing Things To Do In Eden Prairie, Minnesota (2024)


What is Eden Prairie, Minnesota known for? ›

In addition to attractive residential neighborhoods and affordable housing options, the City boasts nearly 10,000 acres of land designated for parks and open spaces, miles of scenic views and a multitude of breathtaking lakes and beaches.

What do people go to Minnesota for? ›

Top Attractions in Minnesota

Features include an aquarium, mini golf, and escape room. Coastal destination with serene waterfalls, historic lighthouses, and scenic trails. Enjoy local delicacies and explore maritime museums amid New England-like vistas.

Is Eden Prairie expensive to live? ›

The national average cost to buy a house is $281,900, while the average cost of purchasing a home in Eden Prairie is $447,487. Eden Prairie offers a higher value of living compared to similarly sized metro areas.

What movie was filmed at Eden Prairie Mall? ›

Mallrats, the 1995 comedy film directed by Kevin Smith, was primarily filmed in Minnesota, particularly at the Eden Prairie Center Mall in Eden Prairie.

What food is Minnesota known for? ›

Gravlax, Spätzle, halušky, cabbage rolls, potato dumplings, and pierogis are very popular in Minnesota, all of which were brought by immigrants from Northern Europe. "Minnesotan sushi" is an appetizer that contains a pickle, covered in cream cheese and wrapped in ham, and cut into slices like sushi.

Why do people love Minnesota so much? ›

The North Star State also has a stable economy, a strong job market, a low cost of living and a low unemployment rate. These factors, combined with Minnesota's amazing natural resources, have made the state a highly attractive home for newcomers for the past decade and beyond.

Are people in MN friendly? ›

Midwestern Warmth

The people of Minnesota are also undeniably “nice.” When you visit the Midwest, you'll be greeted by smiles, friendly hellos, and likely an offer of food.

Where is the oldest tree in Minnesota? ›

The oldest known living cedar tree in Minnesota is believed to be over 1100 years old, growing in Lake County. These trees tilt and lean on the spongy peat of the swamp, and as they reach for the light their trunks become a sweeping curve, formed after years of gradual tipping.

What is the demographics of Eden Prairie MN? ›

Eden Prairie, MN is home to a population of 63.6k people, from which 92.1% are citizens. As of 2022, 17.2% of Eden Prairie, MN residents were born outside of the country (11k people). In 2022, there were 5.17 times more White (Non-Hispanic) residents (44.5k people) in Eden Prairie, MN than any other race or ethnicity.

Is Eden Prairie considered Minneapolis? ›

Eden Prairie is a city 12 miles (19 km) southwest of downtown Minneapolis in Hennepin County and the 16th-largest city in the State of Minnesota, United States.

How did Eden Prairie get its name? ›

The City owes its name to Elizabeth Fries Ellet, an East Coast writer who visited the area and proclaimed it to be the garden spot of the territory in her travelogue book "Summer Rambles in the West." The Elizabeth Fries Ellet Interpretive Trail in the Richard T.

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