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Due to the way that the story played out this is the one area that we hrdly have any of the Secrets from, so this will be rich hunting! If you were following the guide you should have seven riddles, the CCTV Hub, and around 32 or so Trophies!

Even though the Joker is gone the thugs in this area are still dangerous so go careful and clear out any groups that are potentially a problem for you...

Wrapping up the Secrets: Industrial District Line 1

-- Line 1 Trophies --

We will start this logically using the ticklist from the grid page, even though that will have us bouncing all over the area, it will at least be easy to follow... But this will actually go pretty fast so that is something.

-- In the northwest corner is a crane with a motor on it - REC the motor to lower its hook into the water and then reverse it out of the water and it now has a Trophy on it! Use the Batclaw to take the Trophy!

-- The middle of the three markers on the map on the east side above the riddle is a pressure pad and three switches inside a chain-link cage that has two iron doors that open when you step on the pad and begin closing after a few seconds.

The first door is facing you while the second is inside the cage on the right. To unlock the Trophy you need to have your Batarang selected and as soon as you step on the pad, quickfire it and then instantly switch to the Remote Batarang and fire it boosting its speed through the outer gate turn right 90-degrees boost through the second gate and close the right-hand switch.

Instantly fire another Remote Bararang and boost through the outer gate, turn left 90-degrees and close the third switch, unlocking the Trophy! Just step forward and take it.

-- Just below the word "District" in the area label on the map is the marker for this Trophy - inside a mined cage area. Disable the first pair of mines and then rush the second pair, pick up the Trophy and rush back out. You will take damage doing this but it will not kill you.

-- To the left of the shaft leading to the Subway Maintenance Tunnels, the Trophy is under a large digger here. Just crouch and walk under between the tracks to grab it.

-- Head into the tunnel that cuts through the Steel Mill near the entrance and you will find a steam locomotive. Use the REC on its motor to move it and under the demo-ceiling then hop up onto its cab and blow the demo-ceiling to climb up and use the Batclaw to get the Trophy!

-- Return to Zsasz's hideout where he is now incarcerated and enter the control room there. Use the switch on the desk here to turn the electricity on in area by the water below, and then -- this sounds a lot harder than it is -- walk towards the door and turn to face right and launch the Remote Batarang towards the far wall.

Before it hits it reverse direction and you will see the electricity arcing to the left. Fly the Batarang through the electricity and out the other side then turn right and up to fly it into the open duct and at teh end of the duct do a 90-degree left turn and hit the fuse box at the end of the duct!

This unlocks the Trophy Cage below the duct entrance -- all you need to do is step back out the door and jump into the duct on your left, take the first left turn in the duct and drop down on the ledge at the other end to claim your Trophy!

Wrapping up the Secrets: Industrial District Line 2

-- Line 2 Trophies --

-- Inside Zsasz's hideout go through the duct in the foyer and drop down onto the ledge, then drop an ice raft into the water to the right so that you can look along the wall and grab the Trophy on it with your Batclaw!

-- Underneath the crane in the northwest corner of the area is a weakened wall that, when you smash through it reveals a chain-link cage and motor puzzle. The loft motor is movable, the right one is how you move it. Hit the right one with the REC to move the left one to the left, then hit the left one to grab the Trophy and immediately reverse it by hitting the right one again so it drops the Trophy in to the right side where you can claim it!

-- This one is the top rear gondola of the Ferris wheel; you need to stand on the one behind and a little lower than it and use the Batclaw to grab it.

-- South of the riddle marker and west of the zone label is the marker for this one. Head there and find it is protected by a console on a brick wall you must hack and then you can grab the Trophy!

-- On the east side of the Tricorner Tower is a weakened wall that you need to power-dive through and land on the wall mounted pressure plate inside -- then hop off the pressure plate avoiding the red ones on the deck and grab the Trophy. The best way to do this is to perch on the broken pipeline directly across from the opening and launch yourself then immediately Dive Bomb and level out and just fly right into the plate! Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy.

-- Go to the marker on the right-hand side of the roof of the Steel Mill and blow the demo-wall here, then go inside and look at the switch -- do you have it fixed in your mind? Good! Now go up on the roof and to the back and drop down where the Trophy Cage for this switch is sitting. Now launch a Remote Batarang and hit the switch, then grab the Trophy before the timer runs out and the cage closes! They do not come much easier than that... Well, maybe they do but still...

-- Go to the marker at the southwest corner of the area that is more south than the wester one, slide under the steel bar gate in the wall and use the Batclaw to grab it off of the ceiling. Note that using Detective Vision inside will actually hide the Trophy due to all the lights...

Wrapping up the Secrets: Industrial District Line 3

-- Line 3 Trophies --

-- In the northwest corner of the area south of the crane is the marker -- this is for a puzzle that includes a pressure sensitive panel -- we did one of these before, it is like the hammer game at the Circus where you have to ring the bell... Anyway what you want to do is go to the top of the smokestack and dive off, Dive Bomb to get speed then bank up hard to gain altitude and, when you are over the switch Dive bomb hard on and when you land IMMEDIATELY hit the Shock Wave ('B') and you will ilight up the switch! Note: if you forget to use the Shock Wave you will not light it, I am just saying... Once it is lit all you have to do is Batarang it and you are then able to take the Trophy.

-- On the east side of the area go to the marker directly east of the end of the word. "District" in the label -- the opening is in the northeast corner of the building and is blocked by steam and landmines. Seriously... So Freeze the steam, disable the mine, slide under, freeze the second steam, disable the second mine, and take the Trophy!

-- This one is the marker on the south side of the Ferris wheel -- head there and you will find a puzzle with motors you use your REC to solve! Just move the ball thought the cage using the two magnets, there are no special moves or doors to open, and when you get it to the other end take it!

-- On the west edge of the area near the northwest corner of the shaft that leads to the Subway Maintenance Tunnels is your marker, a high security alcove in the wall! Head there and you will find a security console you need to hack.

-- This one is northeast of the Subway Maintenance Shaft -- and it consists of a demo-wall behind the low wall that runs along the edge of the building here that you blow open to take the Trophy behind it! Simpatico!

-- South of the west corner of the Steel Mill is a high security alcove in the outer wall that has an electrified floor. Use your Remote Batarang to hit the switch on the wall by the Trophy in the back for the win!

-- Go to the marker on the northwest side of the Steel Mill roof and smash through it (I jumped) to claim the Trophy it conceals!

Wrapping up the Secrets: Industrial District Line 4

-- Line 4 Trophies --

-- Head to the pair of tall smokestacks in the northwest part of the area -- the ones we did the Dive Bomb from for the other Trophy -- and notice that on the side of them there are pressure pads. Yeah, this is one of those but it is really not that bad! We will be using the Grapnel Boost move so I hope you have gotten used to that! In between the pair of stacks is the Trophy locked in a cage. A shorted stack is nearby and it also has a pad on it. What you need to do is hit that pad, then launch up and boost off of one of the taller stacks, loop around and land on one of those pads, and then do it again for the other! Dead easy mates! I got it on my first go, but I am pretty good at flying so... I hope you did too!

-- Head for the marker in the northeast of the zone second closest to the riddle there (north of it the middle of the three markers there) and you will find a small shack on the roof with a demo-wall. Blow it and take the Trophy!

-- This one is wicked easy! Directly south of the previous Trophy (the one north of but closest to the riddle marker) is a pressure pad. When you step on it it starts a very short timer. What you cannot see is the Trophy and the reason you cannot see it is because you are standing on it... Sort of. The Trophy is on the ceiling of the overhang below the pad you see... Or don’t see. Whatever. The trick to this is to step on the pressure plate and then calmly walk off of the plate and the shed roof you are on, land on your feet on the proper roof below you and tirn to face the Trophy, then use your Batclaw to grab the Trophy. Make sure you have your Batclaw pre-selected OK? And do not try to rush this, you have 6 full seconds here mate, twice as much time as you need! Now give her a go mate! She'll be apples, you'll see!

-- The marker you want is the one that is on the south edge of the second Subway Maintenance Access Marker on the map (the west one on top of the tunnels closest to the station) which is where you will find a set of pressure pads that cycle from red to green in a series. This one is not hard exactly but it is not easy -- and if you have issues with timing maybe it will be a little hard for you but I don't think it will... Trust me, I know you mate, you can do this! So go to the marker and watch the pads to see the cyclic rate, then starting at the proper end, run along with the green and you will unlock this Trophy! Too right you will, you were bloody brill! I am impressed, and I am not just saying that because I want to date your sister either! OK, yes I am but still, you did really well...

-- On your map please look at the marker that is in front of the Steel Mill on the west edge towards the middle but north... The one that is on the edge of the moat? Yeah, that one! OK, go there and stand on the edge of the moat and drop an ice raft into he water directly below the marker, then hop down onto the raft and turn to face the wall. You really cannot see this until you are standing on the raft but the small pipe has a hatch on the bottom of it - it is just above the Grapnel Point (a metal ring), you see it? Use your Batclaw on that to rip it open and then watch as it falls out, gravity taking control, and lands in the water. Target the Grapnel Point and pull your raft over to the Trophy and pluck it out of the water ('A') when prompted. Good on ya mate, that was very easy wasn't it?

-- This Trophy is locked at the foot of a pressure pad that engages a spinning wheel of ?'s - when you step upon the pad the designated ? will light and the wheel will spin -- keep your eye on teh ? and around and around she goes, where she stops nobody knows! Once it does stop you need to target the correct switch with your Batarang! If you get it right, the Trophy Cage will open, if you get it wrong? Well, not so much really. Once you unlock the cage please take the Trophy because Yes! We have a Winnah!

-- On the water south of the center of the Steel Mill is a metal cage inside of which is your Trophy. Drop down onto it and deploy an ice raft at the open end, then drop onto the raft and arm your Line-Launcher. Target the far end of the cage and use the Line Launcher -- drop onto the pressure pad here that passes for a floor and look up at the Trophy!

This is actually a little harder than it looks because there is an element to it that you cannot see from outside very easily... Basically where the Trophy is is blocked by a half-wall of chain-link, so if you are too close to that side, you hit the half-wall and end up in the water instead of on the plate. This is further complicated by the fact that the placement of your raft in the water is critical to whether or not it will allow you to target the sweet spot over the pad with your Line-Launcher.

If your raft is placed wrong the shot will not align and you will end up in the water. If that happens, simply go back to the top of the cage and redeploy the raft over the wrong side to make the first one disapper, and then deploy another one at the open end but slightly adjusted in its position. Eventually you will get it right (if you did not get it right straight off of the Go which you very well might have done)...

Now you brought your set of spanner wrenches right? Because there are six bolts you have to unscrew and then... Kidding! I am just kidding... Reach out and Batclaw the Trophy already, the fish are getting curious! Now RB up and out and head to shore mates, you are done with this Line!

Wrapping up the Secrets: Industrial District Line 5

-- Line 5 Trophies --

-- The marker that is west of the zone label midway to the outer wall - when you arrive you will find a trio of pressure pads with cycling colors. Simply run across them when each is green to unlock this Trophy!

-- Go to the marker in the northeast corner and drop down onto the metal dock with the Stop Sign on it. Now go into the alcove here and use your Line-Launcher to enter the cage that is extended over the water by zipping towards it and then looking right and re-launching that way and then immediately triggering the Tightrope Upgrade so you are standing on the zipline. Now you can go to the shore end and hop up on the ledge and collect the Trophy here. A pressure pad here will open the gate to let you out!

-- Head to the marker that is in the center of the zone label on the map, and you will find a pair of pressure plates. I am not certain what you were intended to do here but you can open the Trophy Cage by simply walking back and forth on the two pads several times. Strange...

-- This one is the marker south of the inner Subway Maintenance Access - under a cage beside the building are three pressure plates that are separated by a rolling distance. You need to activate each without touching anything bur pressure plate. You can do this by using the dodge move between plates!

-- East of the Subway Maintenance Access is the next marker which is a Trophy guarded by a Console you need to hack. That is all that there is to it!

-- The marker is in the southwest corner of the zone - and is fairly complicated... First you need to blow a demo-wall, then you need to use your REC to open a gate, whereupon you will find a pressure plate inside that you need to stand on so that you can hack a Security Console inside! Once you have done that exit this side of the room and go in to the other to take the Trophy!

-- The final Trophy for the line is probably the coolest one in the zone - it is concealed in the far southeast of the zone and you cannot really see it from the roof of the Steel Mill but it is there. What you need to do is glide in and Dive Bomb to gain altitude because this is located in an alcove high up on the outer wall of the prison! You should send in your Remote Batarang first to get the picture in your mind, and then give it a go mates! Be aware that you must land in this, you cannot RB in as there is no RB point for it. I do not expect you to have much trouble with this!

-- TYGER CCTV Relay Hub: As this is all by its lonesome we are including it as the last bit for Line 5 since it is part of Line 5, right? Right! This is located at the top of the Tricorner Naval Tower - just head up there and hack it for the win!

-- The Industrial District Riddles --

Industrial District 1-1: Go to the marker for this one in the east side of the zone, stand on the dockside top and look at the giant billboard. Scan that to solve the riddle: "Air, sea or land. It would be criminal not to use these wide guys, wouldn't it?"

Industrial District 1-2: Go to the building where you rescued Nora Freeze and go inside. Scan Freeze and Nora to solve the riddle: "Can you find this cool couple before the romance thaws?"

Industrial District 2-1: Go to the marker next to the zone label on the map and stand on the roof top. Look at the large billboard for the exterminator; scan this to solve the riddle: "Was this parasite ratted out, or does he continue to plague Gotham?"

Wrapping up the Secrets: Industrial District Riddles

Industrial District 3-2: Go to the marker on the north side of the Steel Mill; scan the dead body that is propped against the pay phone to solve the riddle: "Does Zsasz still pose a threat? This guy called to find out."

Industrial District 4-1: Go to the marker in the north edge of the zone by the cranes; scan the Trash Barge in the harbor that has Falcone Shipping on the outside of it to solve the riddle: "Which notorious family keeps talking trash?"

Industrial District 4-2: Go to the marker south of the Steel Mill and scan the big hole in the wall that has been barricaded there to solve the riddle: "Did you hear the HOLE story of how Black Mask escaped?"

Industrial District 5-1: Go to the marker in the north west side of the zone; scan the closed news stand to solve the riddle: "Breaking news! Get out while you still can."

At this point you should have over 380 of Riddler's Secrets unlocked! Less than 20 more to go and the final segment of the Enigma Conundrum Side-Mission is unlocked. Well Done!

P15E: Side-Trip No. 2 -- Industrial District (2024)
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