Wartales - Full Maps & Locations Guide (2024)

While some minor exploration restrictions exist in Wartales, it is very much a sandbox-style RPG on a massive map with XCOM-style turn-based battles. If you're looking for a particular place, you’ll find full maps and location guides for all the different regions of Wartales below.

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Full detailed maps Wartales

I’ll add links to the full map and guide locations for all the regions here as I continue to explore the game. The game is still being regularly patched with significant content updates, so these maps and the location information are all subject to change.

Table of Contents

Full detailed maps Wartales

Tiltren County Region

Vertruse Province Region

County of Artes Region

Ludern Region

Grinmeer Province Region

Drombach County Region

Belerion Archipelago

All locations in Tiltren County

Tiltren County Region

The starting region of Wartales should keep you busy until your companions are all around levels 3 to 4. You'll be able to claim your first Legendary Weapon, take on Tiltren Tomb, and find a number of free companions. For details of all Tiltren locations and a map, go here.

Vertruse Province Region


Vertruse Province is north of Tiltren County and has mobs from levels 4 to 6. Highlights include four Legendary items, access to crafting recipes including the Salt Scoop and the Stocks, plus the Assassin ranger specialization. You can find it all in our .

County of Artes Region

The County of Arthes is west of Tiltren County. It is home to enemies in the level 4 to 6 range, as well as the Halbadier specialization, recipes for camp items the Brewing Vat, the Tanning Rack, and three Legendary weapons. Find out all the places you need to go in our .

Ludern Region

You'll find the Ludern region full of level 7 to 8 mobs, with the overall theme being the plague-ridden, so be ready for a lot of poison management. On the plus side, you'll uncover the Marksmen specialization, find the Training Dummy, and turn up four Legendary Weapons. Get all the location information you'll need in our .

Grinmeer Province Region

After Ludern, you'll move on to Grinmeer, where the horrors of the plague are replaced with a murder mystery for you to solve. It has the game's first full city area, two arenas, and the Barbarian and Duelist specializations to unlock. Find everything you need to complete the region with our .

Drombach County Region

Drombach is a snow-covered region where you will once again have the opportunity to stand with or against the church. It features a unique tomb-based boss battle, several new forms of enemies, and an epic finale. For all the information you need head to my .

Belerion Archipelago

If you've added the DLC to your Wartales package you can now head out to sea! Alongside the old favorites, you'll have sea battles, including new boarding battle mechanisms, plus a pirate hall of fame leading to a series of battles for supremacy. Best of all, the scenario quest ends in a huge one-off battle with a unique style. For all the details, see . You'll need to go to location 15 in Tiltren (below) to get started.

All locations in Tiltren County

  1. Edoranian Border Crossing: This will give you access to the Arthes Region (levels 4 to 6) for a one-off payment of 200 Krowns or a Border Pass. You can avoid these payments by using a Piton on the cliff south of the crossing and bypassing the checkpoint.
  2. Bandit’s Lair: Once liberated, you’ll find the Watchkeeping Stool recipe here. Once built, this camp item reduces the chance of being attacked while resting and of prisoner escape.
  3. Highland Trackers Camp: You can buy the recipe for the Meat Drying Rack here at the cost of 200 Pristine Fangs (found as drops after defeating animals). I prefer to get here as early as possible, as it is also where you’ll likely learn about Armour Layers.
  4. Brotherhood Training Grounds: You can get Mastery Skill books here, and can upgrade any Legendary Weapons you find to the level of your highest character who is able to wield them.
  5. Tiltren Tomb: See our full Tiltren Tomb walkthrough.
  6. Lakeside Camp: Quest location (linked to Wealthy Farm, below).
  7. Wealthy Farm: Quest location.
  8. Pedra Mountain Mine: Quest and iron location.
  9. Tiltren Lumbermill: Quest and Ornate Key location.
  10. Stromkapp: Main town in Tiltren County. Has a Market, Apothecary, Inn, and Blacksmith. It is also where you can set up your first Tavern if you have The Tavern Opens! DLC (look for the Derelict Tavern).
  11. Plateau Stables: Quest location. I like to go straight here, as it allows you to get both your blacksmithing and stealing careers started early.
  12. Old Wilburt’s Fishery: Quest location.
  13. Old Wilburt’s Sheepfold: Quest location (linked with Old Wilburt’s Fishery, above).
  14. Old Lighthouse: Quest location.
  15. Dock: This is where to head if you want to get a ship and explore the DLC content, the Belerion Archipelago. Note that despite its location, if you’re playing region-locked, you’ll find all the battles out at sea to be level 9+. I’d advise you to have at least started into Drombach before heading out to sea. To fix up the ship you will also need 50 Wood and 200 Gold.
  16. Rouste Field: Head here to play in Rouste Ball matches. There is a Rouste Ball field in every region but you can completely avoid them if you choose to. However, if you want to play a game where American Football meets Blood Bowl, it could be for you. Winning matches can get you some reasonable prizes too.
  17. Tiltren Jail: You can get companions here for no Influence cost, including occasional animals (random). Also, where you can drop off criminals you’ve captured.
  18. Mount Altis Salt Mine: Quest location.
  19. Lund Farm: Quest location, linked with Matheus Lund (below).
  20. Stromkapp Mill: Quest location and where you’ll find the potential companion Hackert.
  21. Sinister Cave: Quest location.
  22. Guard Outpost: Quest location, linked with the Sinister Cave (above).
  23. Sepulchre Door: This location will only appear on your map once you have deciphered the complete codex to enter it. This one requires you to have completed the Builder’s Codex. Once you have, each of the three parts will give you the rune you need to open the door here (the same as when you open the final door in a tomb). This is a single-room dungeon with no battle involved. Inside you’ll find a legendary belt accessory.
  24. Mount Altis Tower: Quest location.
  25. Woodcutters’ Camp: Quest location.
  26. The Haven: Quest location and rebel stronghold.
  27. Abandoned Tower: Quest location and where you’ll find the Blacksmith.
  28. Gosenberg Border Crossing: Will give you access to the Vertruse Region (levels 4 to 6) for a one-off payment of 200 Krowns or a Border Pass. Also, where you’ll first meet Reno Waarheid.
  29. Rat Infestation: Quest location.
  30. Woodland Farm: Quest location and where you’ll find potential companion Torus.
  31. Matius Lund: You’ll find Tiltren boss mob Mathius walking the fields here. I found it tough not to lose anyone at lower levels, but you’ll get Legendary Weapon Lucilla (two-handed mace) if you defeat him.

Leave suggestions for amendments or updates to this guide in the comments section below.

For more on Wartales, also take a look at How to get the Lute in Wartales and How to get free companions in Wartales here at Pro Game Guides!

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Wartales - Full Maps & Locations Guide (2024)


How do you unlock regions in wartales? ›

Starting region is unlocked after you hand in a bounty contract in that region's town. Ludern can't be chosen as starting region. Originally posted by Virgil-SKY: Starting region is unlocked after you hand in a bounty contract in that region's town.

How big is War Tales? ›

Storage: 30 GB available space.

How do you open the minimap in wartales? ›

Press ' m' for the map.

How do you capture outlaw Wartales? ›

To capture an enemy, bring them down to at least half health, then have a party member approach them from behind. Do this, then the Knockout skill will appear on the said party member's hotbar.

What is the best starting region in Wartales? ›

Tiltren is the best location to start, the most rewarding quests and good map layout, i dont recommand starting on another map. Well if you really know the game, Arthas is good startup zone. Since it nets you 2 recruits a Ranger and a Brute. one of the houses have starter chest with sword and heavy armour inside.

How long does it take to finish Wartales? ›

Main Story944h 22m
Main + Extras1367h 18m
Completionist6105h 52m
All PlayStyles2868h 12m

Is Wartales crossplay? ›

Players recruit mercenaries to take on dangerous missions in an attempt to survive in its cutthroat world. The game features co-operative online multiplayer for up to four players, with cross-platform play available between Xbox and PC platforms.

How do you farm money in wartales? ›

  1. Capture and Sell Outlaws. Clearing the countryside of criminals can be a very lucrative prospect. ...
  2. Craft and Sell Lockpicks. One good way to make money very early in the game is to craft lockpicks and sell them to merchants. ...
  3. Accept and Complete Contracts.
Apr 23, 2023

What is the best starting option in wartales? ›

The Warrior and Archer class will be especially effective from the start, and offer a great balance between attack and defense, particularly if combined with the 'incredible resilience' companion bonus.

What is the point of the camp chest in wartales? ›

What´s the point with camp chest? I thought it would take weight from you, but it doesn´t. It's only for the thief class to turn stolen items into normal. And if you want to use stolen items for the crafts before normal ones, you must keep the the red items and place the others in the chest.

Is there a downside to cannibalism in Wartales? ›

no downside per se. Just that bodies weigh 10 weight units a piece and only give one food a piece.

Can you capture ghost animals in Wartales? ›

You get them as part of the story quest (and then you can capture the 3 ghosts...but only for this quest). Otherwise you cannot capture ghosts. And, to clarify, you do not get to keep these captured ghosts after the quest ends. In essence, you cannot capture the ghost pack animals.

What does Captain do in Wartales? ›

Captain get a skill that generate valor points depending on the number of allies in saidskill zone, usable once per fight. I feels like it also make the character eligible for the "Natural born leader" trait that grant 1 more valor point. also unlocks the strategie table and is able to use it. that about covers it.

How many zones are there in Wartales? ›

There are 6.5 regions (there's a pseudo-region that doesn't have much).

How do you unlock guiding lands regions? ›

To unlock monsters within the Guiding Lands, you'll first need to unlock the Guiding Lands area itself. To do this, beat the main story campaign ending in the boss fight with Shara Ishvalda. After the credits roll, you'll take on chasing Ruiner Nergigante, which will result in the introduction of the Guiding Lands.

What is the new region in Wartales? ›

New Region: Alazar

Behold, warriors of Wartales, a new region awaits your arrival! The land of Drombach lies to the south of the Kingdom of Alazar, a perilous county shrouded in icy mountains and fierce windswept plateaus.

How do I unlock my region switch? ›

In the “Profile” section, select Change. In the “Country/region” dropdown, select the desired country/region. Select Save changes. Read the information about changing your country/region, then select I agree to confirm the change.

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