Wartales: Tiltren Tomb Puzzle Walkthrough Guide (2024)

The Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients in Wartales is the first tomb you’ll encounter in game. It can be confusing to navigate, especially given its maze-like nature. Here’s how to navigate the Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients to find the Legendary Treasure, Codex’s and Runes inWartales.

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Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients Walkthrough

Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients Location

You may just stumble upon the Tomb of the Ancients before you get the bounty to head in. It’s surrounded by a snowy forest and located near a bandit camp Southwest of Stromkapp. You can head up the hill near Old Wilburt’s Sheepfold to easily reach it.

Make sure you have lots of torches with you. The inside is pitch black and you’ll need light to see. If you run out of light, your troop will run away in fear, causing every member to become injured.

There is a merchant out front who’ll sell you torches while also calling you out for “pretending to be scholars.”

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Once prepared with torches, and maybe some components to make more, head inside.

You’ll notice upon entry that there is a flame counter underneath your fatigue meter. This keeps track of how much light you have available. Each section requires a certain amount of light to get through and will auto subtract from the counter as you progress.

The first corridor is easy, just keep going straight. This will bring you to a main room with three different paths to choose from.

Mountain Rune Sliding Puzzle Solution

From the first room, take the left path. When prompted to, advance cautiously to make it through safely. This room contains a sliding puzzle, as well as ayellow triangle symbol needed for later.

Inspecting the puzzle will unlock the Scholar Profession, who you need to actually use the puzzle. These are the steps to take to complete the sliding puzzle:

  1. Top row middle stone to the empty spot on left.
  2. Top row right stone to the left.
  3. Middle row right stone moves up.
  4. Middle row middle stone moves right.
  5. Middle row left stone moves right.
  6. Top row left stone moves down: This is the correct position for this stone.
  7. Top row middle stone moves left:This is the correct position for this stone.
  8. Top row right stone moves left:This is the correct position for this stone.
  9. Middle row right stone moves up:This is the correct position for this stone.
  10. Middle row middle stone moves right:This is the correct position for this stone.
  11. Bottom row middle stone moves up:This is the correct position for this stone.
  12. Bottom row right stone moves left: This completes the puzzle.

Once the puzzle is complete you’ll learn the Mountain Rune.You can now return to the first room.

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Bard Statue Room

To get to the bard statue room, take the right path from the main room you first entered. Once you have burrowed through, interact with the statue. This will unlock the Bard class, which is required to complete this room.

If you have a Bard already, great, otherwise you’ll need to assign your companion to the profession.

Interact with the statue once you have a Bard to prompt the Bard minigame. Depending on how you do in the minigame impacts the rewards you receive, but completing it will give you Artist’sCodex 1.

Look around the room on the left wall to spot a blue hourglass symbol. Make note as you’ll need this for later.

Creeper Battle

Head back to the first room and go down the final path forward. You’ll most likely encounter a battle with Creepers and Mole Rats here.

Battling in the dark can be a challenge. Creepers and Mole Rats have Brutality when in darkness, but being in the light gives them Fragility.

Before accepting the fight, any Rangers who have empty left hands should equip a torch. Archers need someone with a torch in order to aim at targets, otherwise they have to be right in front of the enemy to shoot them.

Creepers have the ability to heal themselves with their Bite, so you’ll want to watch out for that. The number of enemies is also unknown as you can’t see all of them. Mole Rats are able to be captured if you want to add them to your troop, but they’ll always have Fragility when fighting outside in the daylight.

Once you make it past the battle you’ll arrive in a room with a large mural on the left side. Inspect it to find thePerformance Rune located on the upper right side. This room also has a triangle symbol, this time in red.

Locked Door Puzzle

Take the only path forward on the right, which you shouldn’t squeeze through as your horses can get injured. There is a body in the middle of the room that has a key for the locked chest. Inside the chest are some Luxury Items as well Artist’s Codex 2.

Before inspecting the door, there is an urn on the right side you should inspect for more loot.

The locked door can be unlocked using the puzzle dials on the right side of it. These correspond to the colored symbols found in the three previous rooms of the tomb.

Spin the dials so is shows a blue hourglass, yellow triangle and red triangle. Then hit the button below to trigger the door to open.

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Head down the path, where you’ll most likely encounter another Creeper battle. Once complete you’ll enter into the Legendary Treasure Room.

Legendary Treasure Room

You’ll find a sarcophagus that you need to mine to open in this room. Just like when you mine for ore, complete the mining mini game to smash the stone. You may even receive Sandstone once complete.

Investigate the sarcophagus to obtain the Treasure of the Ancients andArtist’s Codex 3. Once collected you’ll also finish a couple achievements:Eternal Work of Art and Explorers.

You can return the way you came through the tomb, which uses less light than your original exploration. You’ll also avoid any battles as you make your way to the entrance.

That’s how to solve the Tiltren Tomb of the Ancients. You’ll need to build the Lecturn in your camp and have your Scholar assigned to research the Treasure of the Ancients, as well as complete the Codex puzzles.

To learn more about the various Professions in Wartales, check out our expanding selection of Wartales guides.

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Wartales: Tiltren Tomb Puzzle Walkthrough Guide (2024)


What is the puzzle in the Tiltren's tomb wartales? ›

The Tiltren tomb puzzle involves finding three runes colored red, blue, and yellow that are inscribed on the walls and floors of the adjacent rooms. These runes are randomly generated, so players must find each of them on their own. The red rune is located in the room next to the puzzle mechanism.

How many runes are in each tomb in wartales? ›

So it's 3 per tomb. Yeah, most likely you're correct.

How do you explore the tombs in wartales? ›

You explore the tomb with light generated from the torch; every room you visit uses a bit of light. If you run out of light, you automatically exit the tomb no matter where you are. You can open your Camp and rest, which also allows you to craft more Torches with your Workshop.

How do you solve the cursed tomb treasure puzzle? ›

Cursed Tomb Treasure: Floor Puzzle

To do this, go and stand in front of the brazier that's on the right when entering the room. Now use Flippendo on the stones in the bottom two corners and also on the middle top stone. Once the right pattern is showing, the stones will lift revealing a treasure chest.

How many torches do you need for a tomb in wartales? ›

If you go by lights , roughly 200 lights will do it , but if you are overly using Torches as combat equipment, then having 30 torches in your inventory does it.

How many runes is a golden rune worth? ›

200 Runes

How many Great Runes can you have at once? ›

You can equip a Great Rune at any Site of Grace menu (and only via this menu). You can only have one of these runes equipped at a time. Note that this only applies to most of the Great Runes, requiring you to defeat the Demigod that holds them before restoring the Great Rune's power. This does not apply to the rest.

What is the reward of the tomb in wartales? ›

Each tomb has a 3x3 sliding puzzle. Solving them rewards you with a Rune and some knowledge.

What is the point of the camp chest in wartales? ›

What´s the point with camp chest? I thought it would take weight from you, but it doesn´t. It's only for the thief class to turn stolen items into normal. And if you want to use stolen items for the crafts before normal ones, you must keep the the red items and place the others in the chest.

How to free a prisoner in Wartales? ›

You can release him like any prisonner, there is button for it on the stat tab of the character if i remember correclty. For animal it would be dismiss. Or you can give him 100 escape chance by leaving him far away from your companions in the camp placement, but you won't recover the chains this way.

What do you get from Auriza Side Tomb? ›

Auriza Side Tomb is a location in the Leyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring and the location of a Grave Warden Duelist. This cave also contains materials for weapon upgrades, items required for spirit upgrades, and a cookbook necessary for some crafting items.

How many torches do I need for Tiltren tomb? ›

If you go by lights , roughly 200 lights will do it , but if you are overly using Torches as combat equipment, then having 30 torches in your inventory does it.

How to do the tomb for the helmet quest? ›

The Helm of Urtkot Walkthrough
  1. Speak to Sirona in the Three Broomsticks. ...
  2. Look for Lodgok at the Hog's Head Inn. ...
  3. Meet Lodgok Near the Witch's Tomb. ...
  4. Follow Lodgok to the Tomb's Entrance. ...
  5. Search the Tomb for the Helmet. ...
  6. Return to Lodgok. ...
  7. Recover the Helmet From the Thieves. ...
  8. Return the Helmet to Lodgok.
Feb 27, 2023

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